CBIS 3213 Lab 11

Read all of Semester 2, Chapter 2 in the book, and complete the following assignment online:

  • Set up a personalized Home Page (index.htm) in your account space on the ISCM web server ( http://www.iscm.gcsu.edu ).

  • Add a link to your Networking folder's home page.

  • Create a presonalized home page for Networking (CBIS 3213).

  • Add a link to your Term Presentation PowerPoint file, along with a brief description of the term presentation.

  • Upload your term presentation file to the server so that it may be accessed via the Web.

  • Personalize your pages with color, headings, footers, and information such as your email address (best to use Bobcat, but any will do).

  • Options: Add pictures, design features, or additional content (links, etc.) to make your site more useful or attractive.

Email Dr. Payne when your site is completed and ready to be graded. Due online Monday, April 25. 2005.

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