CBIS 3213 Lab 5

Read all of Chapter 6 in the book and in the module materials online at http://iscm.gcsu.edu/~bpayne/cisco/.

While 1/2 the class is in Lab 306 doing activity #1, the other half will complete activity #2:

  1. Peer Networking (Crossover connection) Read and perform Lab 5.1.12 on peer network setup using a crossover cable and two PC's in the networking lab working in pairs. In addition, each person should create a folder with their username on it on the root C directory of the machine they're working on. Share the folder, then the other person should open up the shared folder over the network connection (My network places, Computers near me) and create a text file with their name.txt as the filename (use notepad or wordpad under Accessories). When the folders have been created and shared successfully and the text files created, call me over to check the network, then remove the shared folders and set the computers back to the original IP settings.

  2. Network & System Administration I (Web server setup) In this lab, you will share a folder, copy a file from a network share, set up a functioning Web server and construct a home page, and then surf from another machine to view the results. A handout will be provided in class, but a copy is located here.

For this lab, you do not need to hand in lab 5.1.12 - simply fill in the appropriate blanks on the handout given in class. At least one member in each team should have 5.1.12 printed out before class; the handout for activity #2 will be provided in class.

The lab exercises are due at the beginning of the next class period.

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