CBIS 3213 Lab 6

Read all of Chapter 7 in the book and in the module materials online at http://iscm.gcsu.edu/~bpayne/cisco/.

We will be setting up the equipment for Lab 7 in today's lab. You will be divided up into groups of 3 and assigned to one of the 8 stations on the Cisco island.

You will perform the following setup tasks:

  • Find two functioning PC's - Admin passwords for some machines are "cisco", others are "atk306admin".

  • Connect the two PC's to a single keyboard, mouse, and video monitor with a provided DLink KVM Switch.

  • Connect one of the PC's to the Cisco router following the instructions provided.

  • Label this machine with a Post-it on top as "1".

  • Install one additional NIC into the PC connected to the Cisco router.

  • Use a crossover cable to connect the PC to the other PC, which will be labeled "2".

  • Set the IP address of the second PC to

  • Set the IP address of the second NIC in the first PC to

  • Make sure the network workgroup of both machines is the same (should be ATK306)

  • Ping from one PC to the other.


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