CBIS 3213 Lab 7

Read all of Chapter 8 in the book and in the module materials online at http://iscm.gcsu.edu/~bpayne/cisco/.

Lab 7 has two parts - you will be rotating between Lab 306 & Lab 307.

In Lab 306:

  • Print and perform the first four pages of Lab 3.1.2 (semester 2 curric.): Have Prof. Payne verify your interface info and hostname changes before turning off the router.

In Lab 307:

  • Using Chapter 3 in the Semester 2 section of your text, complete e-Lab 3.1.3a on router password configuration

  • Using the commands on p. 582-587,complete e-Lab 3.1.3b

  • Using the Show commands on p. 592, complete e-Lab 3.1.4

  • Print the first three pages of Lab 3.1.7 from semester 2 curriculum. Complete e-Lab 3.1.7.

Hand in both printed labs (3.1.2 and 3.1.7) when completed.

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