Dreamweaver Setup

1. Open Dreamweaver, Click new PHP if you have to in order to get to a regular screen. Click the Site menu option, then Manage Sites...

2. Click New to set up a new site, then enter ISCM Server - username (your username) as the name.

3. Click Next, then select "Yes, I want to use a server technology." Select PHP MySQL in the dropdown menu.

4. Click Next, select Edit locally then upload to a remote testing server (middle option). You can use the defaults there. Click Next.

5. Choose FTP as the means to connect, enter the hostname as iscm.gcsu.edu - the folder will be your public_html folder. Enter your login (username), your password (ONLY SAVE THIS ON YOUR HOME MACHINE - IN THE LAB DESELECT "SAVE"). Select Use SFTP. Test the connection; if all's good, click Next.

6. The URL for your site will be http://iscm.gcsu.edu/~username/ , where username is your username. Test the URL, then click Next.

7. Choose either check in/out or no check in/out. Click Next, then Done.

©2005 - Bryson R. Payne, Ph.D. - All rights reserved.