Lab 2

1. Download and unzip the script files from the textbook Web site (on the Main page of this site).

2. Open the SSH File Transfer Client and upload the script files to a new folder in your Web site (public_html folder) called phpbook. Make sure that the scripts are directly under the phpbook folder so that each chapter folder is visible in the directory of this folder (no maze of subfolders).

3. Design a front page for your Web site. It doesn't have to be production-ready yet (but feel free to use Jasc or other graphic design software). Include your site name (can be catchy or ho-hum), a footer with copyright & email/contact info, and start a table with links to assignments.

4. Add a link to the phpbook folder.

5. Add a link to my Web site, just the main address (

6. Include at least one graphic (if you did a site design, that counts) - could be a photo of you or a logo for your site/company. Edit, crop, and size the image appropriately - no ugly pixels allowed.

7. Create a file called phptest.php that calls the phpinfo() function, and link to that page from your home page.

8. If you have pages from a previous course, save them under a folder and link to the main page of the folder, as well.

Options: Use a style sheet (CSS) to set colors for your site (we'll be learning about this in a week or two - couldn't hurt to bring it up now). Create a favicon.ico for your site (we'll see how to do this, too, but just for those of you who are self-motivated learners).

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