Lab 5
MySQL Intro

1. Populate your username database's users table with at least 6 users, including yourself - you can follow the instructions on page 133-134 to add the Beatles plus yourself, or enter your own users plus yourself, but you must have at least 6, and you must be one of the users (your name and email address).

2. Create a blank Web page for Lab 5 on your Web site - label it as "Lab 5" and link to it from your main page.

3. In SSH, using the MySQL command prompt, run the SELECT * FROM users; query command. Copy the query and results from the terminal window to your Lab 5 page. Label it as "My Users Table".

4. Update one of the records in your table (use page 148 for an example) - change the email address for one user.

5. After updating, write a query to select just the first and last names and email address for all users, and order the output by last name. Copy and paste your query and the resulting list from the SSH window into your Web page.

Save the page, upload it to the server, and link to it from your main page.

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