Lab 6
 Advanced MySQL and phpMyAdmin

1. Log in to the phpMyAdmin page on the ISCM server ( ) using your MySQL username and password.

2. Open your database (your username), and create the three tables given in pages 163-165 (url_titles, urls, and url_types) using the phpMySQL GUI tool. Make sure to include the options as given (UNSIGNED, NOT NULL, AUTO_INCREMENT, PRIMARY KEY, etc.)

3. Populate the tables with the values given on pages 166-168, using phpMySQL to enter the data into the fields. Add a fake web site of your own (or real one if you like - just make sure I can make it out as yours).

4. Browse the three tables, one at a time, copy each table's contents and paste them into a page in Dreamweaver called lab6.htm.

Save the page, upload it to the server, and link to it from your main page.

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