phpMyAdmin is a fully-featured, graphical PHP-based MySQL database administration program. You can create tables, modify tables, add/modify/delete records, and much more, all much easier than from the mysql command prompt.

1. Go to the phpMyAdmin homepage on the ISCM server:

2. Enter your MySQL username and password (this may or may not be your ISCM server password).

3. Choose your database in the lefthand pane (your username). [You may have to enter your MySQL username and password one more time.]

4. To view/change a table already created, click on the table name in the lefthand pane, then Browse or change things as needed in the righthand window. To create a new table, do so in the righthand pane (enter a table name and the number of fields and click "Go").

5. Some useful links on phpMyAdmin:

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