Term Project Topics

The term projects this semester involve setting up a functional Web site employing PHP and MySQL using either pre-packaged software or advanced PHP technologies such as templating systems. The proposed topics for this semester are listed below with a URL for more information on each topic:

TopicID Topic url
1 PHPMyEdit http://www.phpmyedit.org/
2 phpPolls http://www.phpwizard.net/Downloads.4.0.html
3 MySTRI http://www.burney.ws/software/mystri
4 Smarty http://smarty.php.net
5 Mambo http://www.mamboserver.com
6 TemplateTamer http://www.templatetamer.com
7 Phorum http://www.phorum.org
8 phpBB http://www.phpbb.com
9 PHP-Nuke http://www.phpnuke.org
10 PostNuke http://www.postnuke.com
11 PHPX http://www.phpx.org/
12 phpShop http://www.phpshop.org
13 osCommerce http://www.oscommerce.com
14 FishCart http://www.fishcart.org
15 PhpDig http://phpdig.toiletoine.net
16 SEARCpHp http://www.hansanderson.com/php/search
17 phpMySearch http://web4.hm/phpmysearch/phpmysearch_en.html
18 PHP-Calendar http://php-calendar.sourceforge.net/ 
19 EasySimpleCalendar http://www.easilysimplecalendar.com/
20 phpChat http://www.phpwizard.net/Downloads.4.0.html
21 PickYourOwnTopic mailto:bryson.payne@gcsu.edu
22 PickYourOwnTopic mailto:bryson.payne@gcsu.edu

You will receive a new username and login information for your term project so that the functioning site can be left online separately from your personal account.

For sites you develop yourself, they should be portfolio-quality, business-based, and contain at least 5 pages with consistent headers, footers, design and layout throughout.

In addition to the site setup, you will type a 2-page, double-spaced, 1" margin, 12-point Times Roman font report detailing what tools you used and how you set up the site, along with any maintenance instructions for future use.

Signup will begin online in class on Wednesday, March 30.

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