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About Me

I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia State University, an M.Ed. and a B.S. in Mathematics from North Georgia College & State University. You can see some of my recent publications and presentations below. I have been teaching Computer Science and Information Systems courses for the University System of Georgia for the past six years. I have been a radio D.J., a database administrator, a waiter, and a translator at various points in my previous working life.

I'm an active member of the IEEE Computer Society, the ACM, and SIGGRAPH, the ACM's Special Interest Group for Graphics. I am also an active member and the Webmaster for the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (see some of my work at http://www.gctm.org ).

I enjoy creating 3D animations, programming, investing, traveling, foreign languages (5 so far), reading, boating and the outdoors. To see a short example of my 3D animation work, please click here.

Last year, 2004, was my best traveling year yet - I went to Puerto Rico, Barbados, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Martin in the Caribbean, Ecuador in South America, and Korea, Hong Kong, and China in Asia. For the past eight years, I have traveled annually to South America on 1-2 week mission trips. This spring break, we're taking a team of 10 doctors and nurses to a remote Andean village to set up a clinic for Quechua natives in Ecuador.

Recent Publications:

·     Payne, B.R., Owen, G.S., Belkasim, S.O.: Digital Image Processing on GPUs. Submitted to the Fourth International Workshop on Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling, CGGM 2005. Emory University, Atlanta, USA, May 22-25, 2005.

·     Payne, B.R., Owen, G.S., Weber, I.: Accelerating Protein Structure Recovery Using Graphics Processing Units. Submitted to the International Conference on Computational Science, ICCM 2005. Emory University, Atlanta, USA, May 22-25, 2005.

·     Payne, B.R.: Accelerating Scientific Computation in Bioinformatics by Using Graphics Processing Units as Parallel Vector Processors. (Doctoral dissertation, Georgia State University, 2004). Dissertation Abstracts International (UMI. No. pending)

·     "A Portable, Reusable Framework for Scientific Computing on GPUs," (with G. Scott Owen, Irene Weber, Ying Zhu and Ping Liu), a research poster presented at ACM SIGGRAPH 2004, The 31st International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, Los Angeles, CA, August 8-12, 2004.

·      “Accelerating Automated Structure Fitting in Protein Crystallography by Using Programmable Graphics Processors,” (with G. Scott Owen, Irene Weber, Ying Zhu and Ping Liu), a research abstract presented at The 2nd Georgia State Biotech Symposium, Atlanta, GA, May 24-25, 2004.

 Professional Presentations:

·     “Geometric Visualization with Java3D!,” a workshop presented at The Georgia Mathematics Conference, Eatonton, GA, October 14-16, 2004.

·     “Accelerated 2-D and 3-D Digital Image Processing on a GPU,” (with  G. Scott Owen, Saeid O. Belkasim, and Patrick Flynn), a research poster presented at the ACM Workshop on General Purpose Computing on Graphics Processors, Los Angeles, CA, August 7-8, 2004.

·     “Teaching Portfolios 1: Digital Portfolios on the Web,” Invited seminar presentation for NGCSU Faculty Development Advisory Council. April 2001.

·     Session Chair, E-commerce Development, "11th Annual Winter Chautauqua", Dalton Trade and Convention Center, March 5, 2001.

 Other Publications or Research:

·        “Using digital portfolios in teacher education,” (interview conducted by Rob Kelly), Online Classroom, vol. 1, page 3, 2001.

 Editorial/Review Activities:

·     Textbook Reviewer, Starting Out with Java, authored by Tony Gaddis, Scott/Jones Inc., El Granada, CA, 2004.

·     Textbook Reviewer, Starting Out with Java, Alternate Edition, authored by Tony Gaddis, Scott/Jones Inc., El Granada, CA, 2004.

Research in Progress:

  • "Intelligent 3D Scene Reconstruction from a Single 2D Image: Making Use of Computational Intelligence in Computer Vision," (with Johnny Ye, Saeid Belkasim, and Yanqing Zhang), in preparation for submission to IEEE Visualization.

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