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Syllabus for Summer 2005


Semester: Summer Year: 2005
Course Title: E-Commerce Development 
Course #: MMIS 6293
Instructor: Dr. Bryson Payne Office: Atk. 312
E-Mail: bryson.payne@gcsu.edu 
Th: 10-12:00, 1-3:30
Th: 5:00-5:30 at CGCT
& by appointment
Phone: 478-445-2953 (office) 

CATALOG DISCRIPTION: Prerequisites: MMIS 5327 (programming), MMIS 6296. The goal of this course is to prepare students to become leaders of their firm's electronic commerce and Internet-based business strategies, tactics, and implementation.

OBJECTIVES: Each student will:
1. describe the technological and business infrastructure that is making e-commerce possible.
2. identify and articulate the key management issues that arise in implementing e-commerce strategies within organizations.
3. provide an understanding of the legal (e.g., taxation, intellectual property), security, and privacy issues that define the environment within which e-commerce will be conducted.
4. be able to develop a sophisticated website using current technologies.

TEXT: 1) Using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, by Molly Holzschlag & Jennifer Kettell, Que, ISBN 0-7897-2707-2 and 2) PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites by Larry Ullman, Peachpit Press, ISBN 0-321-18648-6.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: e-mail account (either through the University or an internet service provider), diskettes.

Grading: Due
Assignment 1 10% June 9
Assignment 2 10% June 16
Assignment 3 10% June 23
Assignment 4 10% July 7
Assignment 5 10% July 14
Assignment 6 10% July 21
Midterm Exam 20% June 30
Final Project 20% July 28

1. Assignments are due at the times indicated. Assignments must be submitted through WebCT, handed-in, or be accessible on the class server as required. Assignments will not be accepted after the due date unless prior written (email ok) approval is granted by the instructor.
2. Each student is expected to attend class regularly, be on time, and be responsible for any work missed due to absences.

Students are encouraged to view the class web page at www.professorpayne.com each week before class.

Honesty Code - see the details on the class web page

Fire Drill Procedure
In the event of a fire alarm signal students should exit the building in a quick and orderly manner through the nearest hallway exit. Be familiar with the floor plan and the exits of the building. Do not use elevators.

Requests for Modifications: Any student requiring instructional modifications due to a documented disability should make an appointment to meet with the instructor as soon as possible. An official letter from GC&SU documenting the disability will be expected in order to receive accommodations.

Class Schedule

Date Topic
06/02 Introduction, Dreamweaver MX, SSH
06/09 Web Programming with PHP
06/16 Intro to MySQL, phpMyAdmin
06/23 Dynamic Database Programming with PHP/MySQL
06/30 Midterm Exam; Content Management Systems
07/07 Web Application Development Systems
07/14 Ecommerce Specifics
07/21 Open-source packages for ecommerce
07/28 Final Presentations



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